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Lap Band Procedure & Testimonials

Bariatric weight loss surgery is designed for those who are at least 50 pounds overweight and have been unsuccessful with losing weight on their own.  Dr. Frenzel works with men and women across North Texas to help them achieve their weight loss goals.  If you are 50 pounds overweight or more, lap band could be for you.

To determine which weight loss procedure will best fit your needs, schedule an initial consult with Dr. Frenzel.  During this consultation, you will be able to voice any concerns, ask all questions, and have an open discussion about the various options and how they will affect your lifestyle.

The benefits of lap band surgery are that it is a safe and effective method in achieving significant weight loss.  This specific bariatric surgery improves healthy and quality of life as well as help you lose weight quickly.  Due to the incredible success rate of lap band surgery, it remains a highly used approach for surgeons treating obesity.

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Holy *&$#!

Holy crap guys! Look at that! I’m less than 10lbs from goal!

I am in utter shock!

When I started this journey waaaaay back in 2009, I honestly never pictured myself at goal. It was impossible to do so. I mean, I can’t remember a time when I had weighed 150lbs. I’m sure it was in my way younger years. So I had no idea what to expect and honestly, I wasn’t 100% sure I would stick it out.

But I did, through all the ups and downs, I stayed with it. And if I did veer off track, it never was for long and I would hope back on. All that persistence has paid off.

I now sit here (actually lay here since I’m typing this on my phone in bed. Lol) with goal within arm’s reach. It’s so close I can taste it and man is it sweet.

It’s so close and I’m oh so ready for it!

Oh and slightly freaking out! 😉

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Everything You Need to Know About Weight Loss Tea


There are many myths, “hacks” and theories when it comes to weight loss. With all the suggestions constantly circling the internet, it’s hard to determine which ones will actually be successful. Along with the overflow of information, there’s also the difficulty of dieting and knowing what foods and drinks will contribute to properly losing weight. One drink that’s often considered to be effective in weight loss is tea. Here is what you need to know about weight loss tea and how it can be successfully incorporated into your diet:

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First Heart Attack – How Young?

A study from Michigan gave an answer to a question: Can obesity make someone suffer a heart attack at a younger age? The authors examined the data of 111,847 patients who suffered from a type of heart attacks called “non-ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction (NSTEMI).” They found that the leanest individuals whose BMI was 18.5 kg/m(2) or less, developed that type of heart attacks at an average age of 74.6 years, compared to those with BMI of 40 or above, whose average age for the first heart attack was only 58.7 years.

Notice that a BMI of less than 18.5 is considered, by definition, underweight (see the Bariatric Surgery Glossary), which is abnormal and not healthy. Remember, the benefits of a healthy heart can only be realized in an overall healthy body. Having said so, the contribution of obesity to the premature occurrence of a heart attack cannot be ignored. We should do everything possible to treat and prevent obesity when as young as possible, to help preventing … Read More


Chef Tomato ketchup…

I know a few eye roll at these kinda posts but if you’re watching your sugar intake or the amount of salt in your diet, it’s kinda handy to know there’s brands out there who have different versions of products you like! I’m a huge Chef Tomato Sauce, I’d go as far as to say a Chef Sauce Snob! So when I spot these I buy them to have in the cupboard… SmartPoints wise you’re not going yo break the back with either … Anyone else a fan? Can we start a Club? x

AND made in Ireland and you all know how I love to shop local! 

Chef 50% less sugar & 25% less salt Tomato Ketchup15g – 1SP30g – 1SP40g – 1SP45g – 2SP

Chef 60% less sugar & 50% less salt Tomato Ketchup with Stevia15g – 0SP30g – 1SP40g – 1SP45g – 1SP

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Weekend in Review

What a whirlwind! Between my camping trip, moving floors at work last week and then my cousins visiting, August has been a blur. My cousins drove over from Cleveland and spent this past weekend with me experiencing some of the best things Chicago has to offer: rooftop Air & Water Show viewing,

a beautiful ride on the Navy Pier ferris wheel (I’d never been!),

and of course, deep dish pizza from Lou Malnati’s (if anyone tells you there’s a better pizza place in Chicago, they’re lying).

All in all we had an exciting and action-packed weekend with plenty of fun and (too much!) food. 

On a less-touristy note, you know you’re getting old when legitimate exciting points of your weekend include running into Lester Holt in your friend’s apartment lobby and buying an olive oil mister. 

But not old enough to stop quoting Meal Girls 🙂
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Roasted Cabbage Steaks

It’s not going to come as a big surprise to you guys that I love cabbage.  I buy shredded cabbage (mostly red) on a weekly basis and I’m constantly cooking with it.  I recently got a hankering for roasted cabbage and while I’ve made them into wedges in the past, I’d never tried them as steaks.

And then, this happened…

I’ve made them about 5 times since this first batch came together, and they’re incredibly simple.  When you roast cabbage, it takes on a tender sweetness that’s hard to describe, yet tremendously tasty.  This is another one of those dishes that I keep coming back to every other week.  Sometimes, I eat it separately on a plate.  Other meals, I’ll chop it up and incorporate it into my main dish.  Regardless of how I serve it, it doesn’t last long in my house…. and I kind of wish I had picked up a head of cabbage at the farmer’s market today!

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Healthy Low Carb Breakfast Ideas / Keto & Paleo Friendly

I hope you’re hungry! Here are a few of my favorite low carb breakfast options that I enjoy on the days that I’m not doing intermittent fasting. Sure, I still enjoy my traditional big breakfasts, but I try to limit those high carb breakfasts to special occasions only.

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PALEO PANCAKES: I am sooo loving it. Low carb paleo pancake mix won’t bloat you! The full paleo pancakes recipe is right here. You can have this comfort food and still lose weight. Paleo pancakes steer away from the white flour carbs that come from fattening grains without sacrificing the mouthwatering delight that a plate of pancakes delivers. This mix uses almond, tapioca and coconut flours instead. There are plenty of different paleo pancake mixes to choose from.

VEGGIE OMELET MUFFINS: Holy shizzle, I love these omelet muffins! One egg equals app… Read More