Arizona College & Career Ready Standards ( aka Common Core)

I had the opportunity to listen to on of the valley’s District Superintendents speak about the Arizona College and Career Ready Standards this evening. It was enlightening, and yet very disheartening. I attended the meeting to gain better perspective on the pro’s and con’s of this change in standards, and instead, I got to see a Ph.D. act as a federal cheerleader. All I heard was an endorsement for what Common Core is supposed to accomplish, a plug for “all-day” pre-K and Kindergarten, and a video of Arizona educators praising standards that have never been tested.
This is a topic fraught with political and ethical overtones and those came across loud and clear from this Superintendent. I recognize that standards are essential. I also recognize that we must come up with methods to quantifiably asses learning, however, standards based education has ruined the way we teach and learn. This has been well demonstrated over the last 10 years. Just “raising the bar” on the standard… Read More