Weight Regain and Getting Back on Track

You’ve regained some weight. It happens.  What are you going to do about it?

First, lets talk about the reasons for re-gaining weight and recognizing some of this back-sliding. Take charge of your thinking. We’ll talk a little about self-management skills and some tips to get you back on track and lead you to success.  picked up a very good book recently. It’s written by a psychologist who’s very attuned to this problem. She’s written previous books. She wrote The Beck Diet Solution. Her name is Judith Beck. I would encourage anyone who is struggling with weight to read it. It’s not a diet book but how you actually change your behavior towards eating.  She and her daughter took it one step further. They put together the next step in all this called The Diet Trap Solution. It looks at different behavior traps and mindsets that we fall into and what do you do about it. Very good book. I haven’t quite completed it yet. I might take some of those ideas and pu… Read More


Body Image after Bariatric Surgery

Losing weight is not all about quantity. What does that mean? There’s no right weight for everyone, rather a right weight for you. Plus, the number of pounds lost is only half the success story. Unfortunately, many weight loss surgery patients are their own harshest critics. What they imagine themselves to look like is different than reality and as a result, they have a distorted body image. While this is not uncommon – after all many of us have lived with obesity for years and decades – it must be overcome to make way for the pride and joy that comes with a true accomplishment like losing weight and more importantly, getting healthy.

If you turn on the television or pick up just about any magazine, you will most likely see images that have contributed to the generally incorrect notion of what is a normal body. Too often the message reads “Thinner is better.” Unfortunately, that is not the reality. The average American should not be a size 0, so why … Read More


Low carb tribalism — human nature, not malicious propaganda

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What starts as a seemingly innocuous article on tribalism has sparked a firestorm of reaction from the low-carb community.

Dr. Ethan Weiss (a cardiologist and follower and financial investor in low-carb lifestyles) and Nicola Guess, RD, PhD (who uses LCHF nutrition with her patients) published the article in STAT on May 9, 2019. The overall premise is easy to agree with. We are all subject to a degree of tribalism that, if we aren’t careful, could undermine our objectivity.

STAT: Is tribalism undermining objectivity about low-carb, high-fat diets?

They correctly point out how this is the case for “guns, climate change, abortion, politics, and the like.” Suffice it to say, no topic is beyond reproach when it comes to believing so strongly in something that you can lose sight of objectivity. Nutrition is a prime example as many defend their “beliefs” so strongly that they refuse to even consider alternatives. While this clearly … Read More


What You Need to Know About Exercise and Dehydration

It is so hot today that I cannot brain. On several occasions in the past two days, I have caught myself finishing sentences incorrectly or finishing them early, forgetting whole…

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Has Weight Loss Jumped the Shark?

by Barbara Berkeley, MD

Hello again to you dear readers and hello as well to those who are new to this blog.

I’ve been on a sabbatical for the past year and now I’m finding that I want to write again….so I’m back.

Despite my silence on these pages, I have still been reading and observing.  There is not much new in the weight loss world: no magic pills, no easy solutions.  Weight gain and weight regain remain vexing problems that feel too complicated to solve despite the best efforts of legions of scientists and big money investments by pharmaceutical companies.   

Yet there is one thing that appears to be changing and that is our collective attitude toward our weight.  I offer this strictly as my observation so feel free to push back.   I think things are different.

I have been involved with treating obesity for the past 30 years.  During that time, a great many people I met seemed urgently concerned with b… Read More


What You Need to Know About Antioxidants

Let’s talk about antioxidants. You hear about them in the media. Are these miracle workers or is this just marketing?

The antioxidants kick out the free radicals. These are superheroes!  It’s the epic story of good vs evil. They are the fearless defenders of basically everything.  They can cure cancer, prevent aging, and supercharge your immune system. They basically can do it all, right?! Are these miraculous disease fighting nutrients or over-hyped marketing gimmicks?

What we’re trying to address is the oxidative challenge of life. A paradox of metabolism is that the majority of complex organisms (humans) require oxygen.  Oxygen is a highly reactive molecule that not only sustains life but also produces reactive oxygen species: hydroxyl radical (OH) and super-oxide anion (O2-). They are free radicals. These free radicals are by-products of our energy producing process (cellular respiration). Cellular respiration is how the cells produce energy an… Read More


No Gimmicks, just the plain and simple of it.

Another day, another post with my calories, its funny actually that this is sort of how I started off writing this blog back at the beginning of 2008, by posting my calories and menu then some random words about said things and here we are again. I do not believe in “Breakfast food” and “Dinner food” etc so you’ll see I had a ham and cheese on rye for breakfast, calories in fitting into my allowances is what its about.

2 slices light rye bread        100
.5 oz cheese        55
4oz ham        130
2 Dannon light Greek yogurt        160

2 servings pops cereal        240
8 oz 1% milk        110
1 Banana    &n… Read More


Healthy Low Carb Breakfast Ideas / Keto & Paleo Friendly

I hope you’re hungry! Here are a few of my favorite low carb breakfast options that I enjoy on the days that I’m not doing intermittent fasting. Sure, I still enjoy my traditional big breakfasts, but I try to limit those high carb breakfasts to special occasions only.

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PALEO PANCAKES: I am sooo loving it. Low carb paleo pancake mix won’t bloat you! The full paleo pancakes recipe is right here. You can have this comfort food and still lose weight. Paleo pancakes steer away from the white flour carbs that come from fattening grains without sacrificing the mouthwatering delight that a plate of pancakes delivers. This mix uses almond, tapioca and coconut flours instead. There are plenty of different paleo pancake mixes to choose from.

VEGGIE OMELET MUFFINS: Holy shizzle, I love these omelet muffins! One egg equals app… Read More


Spring Into Summer Challenge! 😎

Trading Cardio for Cosmos is excited to bring you this all-new “Spring Into Summer” Challenge! We’ve got 10 weeks to the first day of summer, which means we’ve got 10 weeks to create our happiest, healthiest bodies yet!

Each week for 10 weeks we’ll launch a new challenge designed to get us moving, out of our comfort zones, trying new foods, building new habits, and ultimately, to help us lose weight. We’ll track our progress and cheer each other on in a private Facebook group just for participants!

Challenges topics will include:

Menu Planning • Meal Prep • Exercise • Seasonal Eating • Building a New Healthy Habit • Conquering a Roadblock • Water, Water, Everywhere • Step Goals • Healthy Dining Out/Takeout • Get Out of Your Comfort Zone 

For each weekly challenge you’ll receive:

A half hour podcast about that week’s challenge topic
A resource email filled with healthy recipes, informative articles and inspiring blog… Read More


Esophageal function in weight loss surgery

This is an article I wrote for the NYU weight management program newsletter a couple of years ago: I updated it a little.

We have only one esophagus so we have to be really good to it. The esophagus has one job- to squeeze whatever we swallow down to our stomach. The esophagus is a muscular tube which is important to remember. A muscle when used repetitively or when stress is placed on it, can fatigue. So what does that mean? Let’s look at a muscle that we can control like our bicep. We lift a 5 lb weight and after 20-30 repetitions, our bicep gets tired or worn out (I know for some of you superfit people, it may be 50 repsJ). This is important to remember for life with the gastric sleeve and gastric band especially after the band is adjusted.

Another fun fact about our esophagus? The esophagus is more constricted in the morning which means it feels tighter! It also means that the esophagus is “generating a higher pressure” or squeezing more first thing in the mo… Read More