FMM – Fun Photo Edition

Kids these days, you just can’t pry them away from their phones!My brother’s dog rode happily on the train to their vacation, but was so mad at going home that she pouted and crawled under a seat.I was sitting at my desk when this little dog went trotting by my window.  He came right to me so I could call his owner, who happened to be at a doctor’s appointment, which meant I had a visitor for about an hour.  Paco was inhospitable so he spent that hour in his crate.Well I got half of the bed made… Me to my hairdresser:  It feels a little too blonde, let’s go darker.Me to my hairdresser a few days later:  Thank you so much for fitting me in, never let me do that again.
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More about my Green Mountain experience

Back in February I spent three weeks at Green Mountain at Fox Run, a “whole-body wellness retreat” in Vermont for women, to work on my binge eating challenges.

In exchange for writing about my experience, I participated in the Green Mountain core program, as well as the Pathway clinical program which focused specifically on binge and emotional eating.

I’ve been writing up a storm about my visit over on the Green Mountain’s blog. Here are my posts:

What Our Wellness Retreat is Really Like | Week 1 at Green Mountain

“The long voyage to Vermont from Scotland gave me plenty of time to cook up some nerves… what if I mess this up? What if I’m somehow beyond help? What if I take all this time away from my home and my life and nothing shifts for me? I knew these fears had nothing to do with where I was going and everything to do with my wobbly faith in myself after decades of yo-yo dieting.“<b… Read More


Pakola Sharbat – Pakola Milk Shake | Street Food of Karachi Pakistan

Pakola Milk Or Dodh Pakola Is A Drink In Ramadan On Street Drinks In Karachi Pakistan.


Address : Gurumandir Near Meerut Kabab & Paratha, Karachi Pakistan

Price : 20 & 30 Rupees per Glass.

For more details email us:

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New House Updates

We are slowly getting settled. Still unpacking a little, still organizing. We went to IKEA recently and got a bunch of stuff we needed.

Since our new house is a 1920’s Bungalow, part of the house that was original and not remodeled has the old lath and plaster walls. So you can’t really hang art or stuff on the walls. In our old house our TV was mounted on the walls. We can’t do that in this house so we bought a TV stand at IKEA (this one, without the bookcases). It looks really cute with the house.

We also got a dresser for our bedroom! Our new master bedroom is big enough to finally have one. We got this one in brown. It looks really nice in the bedroom.

We got a free treadmill, too! A family member was getting rid of theirs and we happily took it. We haven’t set up our home gym yet. That will be in our basement.

The new house is nice. We are getting used to it. Bella loves the new house! The backyard is small… Read More


Can the Coffee Diet Really Help With Weight Loss&mdash;and Is It Safe?

I have written before about the health benefits of coffee, as well as the potential perks of coffee naps, and why enjoying a cup before a workout may lead to better fitness results. Now, coffee has become the central component of a weight loss plan some refer to as "the coffee diet."

What is the coffee diet, exactly?

The plan, based on the 2017 book The Coffee Lover’s Diet by medical doctor Bob Arnot, involves drinking a minimum of three cups of light roast coffee daily, due to its higher polyphenol antioxidant content. (Coffee polyphenols are linked to a reduced risk of a number of diseases, including type 2 diabetes and certain cancers.) In fact, you can have as much coffee as you’d like, either decaf or regular, as long as you hit the three-cup minimum.

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Dr. Arnot includes a good deal of research in the book about coffe… Read More


Traveling With Kids

My husband has been a commercial airline pilot for the past 5 years. Being a pilot’s wife means that our family has had the opportunity to travel all over the world. Whenever we are in the airport or on the plane, people always ask if it’s the girls first trip on an airplane and they don’t realize that our girls have probably logged more flight hours than themselves.  

Throughout all of our flying experiences, I have learned a lot. Nothing ever goes perfectly, but I do my best to be prepared for the unexpected. Above all, don’t forget to relax and be gracious with yourself. Of course, it’s hard when your kid is crying on an airplane. However, it’s not going to help them calm down if you are worked up too. Before you travel with your kids, pray and ask God to help you. He will be faithful to provide just what you need, like a kind flight attendant or someone to give you a break and just hold your baby.

Here are some of the things that I do, which… Read More


To My Server Lauren On A Busy Shift

To Lauren,

“Demand excellence and accept nothing less” is a phrase used in business. Bosses tell their employees that when they receive sub par work. CEO’s of companies tell this to their leadership team to motivate them. It is used to make people better and to expect others to be better.

Sometimes I think that people do not know what excellence truly is.

Today when I walked into your restaurant I knew it was going to be rough, or so I thought.

I looked around and saw a lot of dirty tables. There was no host to greet us because she was writing down a drink order. In fact, every employee walked by us looking down. I know they noticed us. They just did not want another table to walk in.

After a few minutes, you waved to us and told us we could sit down in your section, and you would be right with us. When we got to the table, it was dirty. I saw a sanitizer bottle and towel next to it so I cleaned it. You seemed embarrassed that I did, but I di… Read More


BGG2WL Turns 10: My Top Ten Favorite Posts

Inside, are ten of my favorite examples of the intense and serious conversations that make A Black Girl’s Guide to Weight Loss so wonderful.

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New Beginnings

My weight loss efforts have been perpetually clinging to a buoy in the middle of the ocean for the past year (not sinking but without a rescue boat in sight), but the rest of my life has seen quite a bit of change. Some are seemingly small, but have a lot of significance, like me finally getting a new mattress. My old one could have a blog of its own based on the stories it has.

Out with the old…

…in with the new.

The mattress had to be firm enough to accommodate me, Bowie, Siouxsie…and Crack. He has officially moved in, and I am happily giving up my much cherished private space to share it with him. Nothing has changed too much since he’s been practically living with me since January anyway, but changing his address on his ID and with the post office makes it official I guess.

My house is pretty big, and we rarely have the … Read More