The walk, so far: Q & A.

I’m 1,139 miles into the 3,035 mile walk which puts me at 37.5% of the way from ocean to ocean. I feel that gives me a sufficient enough sample size to be somewhat of an authority on long walks and, given my extended break, am answering some of the frequently asked questions I’ve gotten both online and from people I’ve met along the way. 

What inspired you to do this? 
A variety of things. My grandmother, Meemaw, and her adventurous life. Me getting out of a long term relationship and it being an opportune time to do a big thing. Once I had the idea I was scared that if I didn’t do it, one day in the distant future I’d regret the hell out of it. I think, in general, I just think it’s a cool and exciting thing to do. My good friend Guy, attempted to do it back in 2005 and on some level I probably wanted to do it maybe to succeed where he failed (which isn’t as bad as it sounds if you click through that link and read a little about it.)

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