The Sleeve

I have attended a Master Course of Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy held in Boston on May 8, 2009. Dr. Raul Rosenthal (Cleveland Clinic, Weston, Florida) directed the course. My goal was to interact with colleagues who perform the same, and to get a sense of what’s new.

Sleeve gastrectomy is a weight loss (bariatric) procedure that removes 60-80% of the stomach (that bag-like part), leaving behind a tube-like stomach.

A Short History: Sleeve gastrectomy has been the first part of the more extensive bariatric surgical operation named “Biliopancreatic bypass with Duodenal Switch”, or, in short, the Duodenal Switch. Sometimes, in super super obese patients, the sleeve was performed as a first step, allowing patients to lose weight and be under less risk to perform the second step, that is, the switch. As a matter of principle, a second surgery is not as easy as a first operation. An exception is when the first operation is not easy, either, because of seve… Read More