3 Reasons Diets Don’t Work

If you were went to the Apple store to buy an iPad, and on that iPad it stated that there is a 95% chance it wouldn’t work, would you still buy it?

My guess is you would NOT buy that iPad if it had a 95% failure rate.

Well, guess what my friends? Diets have a 95% failure rate!

So, why do we continue to diet? Why do we continue to support the $60 billion/year diet industry?

The reason we keep going back to diets is because they don’t focus on long term weight loss – because if they did, we wouldn’t have a 60 billion dollar industry. The diets would do their job and we would move on.

I can’t tell you how many women I sold diet programs to over the past five years. Women would purchase the latest and greatest diet program, do well for about 2 – 8 weeks, start to fall back into old habits, and then a few months later, come back and purchase the NEXT latest and greatest diet program, hoping that this new progr… Read More