Proof of Weight Maintenance and active movement March 2019

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Soap BOX: Hobbies are a huge part of my weight maintenance 20 tools. Hobbies and activities that keep my butt off a chair, my body in motion, and my brain engaged in something other than sedentary TV, butt parked crafting , with exception rule Survivor and photo editing. LOL. I work in the gray zone.

Movement, as I age, huge part of weight maintenance. Hiking, Photography, Gardening, Walking, Beach combing, Sea glass collecting, Pokemon (don’t make fun, I walk and hatch those poke eggs, YO!), limited kayaking (dang that positional vertigo!!). All interests that keep me on the move.

Photo editing, not so much, but a great night time activity to keep my brain engaged and listen to music or podcasts.

Here are the deets. Not losing, very much maintaining and chill-axing quite a bit. Vacation, visits with… Read More