Lose Fat Not Muscle

Lose Fat Not Muscle

At one point or another we’re all going to be at the stage where we want to have the objective of losing fat. The question is how can we manipulate our diet and exercise program to burn the fat and not the muscle?

Take special note of the fact that I said, “have the objective of losing fat”. The reason this is so important is because we have to remember a critical concept with our training and nutrition cycles in order to get the best results with reducing belly fat and getting that ripped look.

Let’s take a close look at this critical concept…

Lose Fat Not Muscle: Fundamental Concept

The critical concept is that in order for us to be gaining muscle we have to be at a calorie surplus, or in other words eating more than we are burning. Muscle needs the calorie surplus because it needs to feed on these calories which are hopefully clean mean nutrients from veggies, fruit, beans, whole grains, lean meats &am… Read More