Weigh In

Good morning. This week was kind of interesting. My goals for this week were to cut back on carbs and portions, get back to an 8-hour intermittent fasting “eating window” and take a walk every day. It was way harder than I thought to cut those carbs back and wait until noon or later to eat, and it took me several days to get there, even taking a half dose of phentermine every morning. But on Wednesday I got there and I am working at eating after noon and not eating after 8pm. I walked 7 days out of 8, kept my carbs and portions lower except for one dinner at a barbecue (with buns, chips, and potato salad) and drank plenty of water. As a result, today I weigh 210 pounds, which is 8 pounds gone this week.

I think I can drop a couple pounds a week by sticking to this plan. I’m still posting most of my intake on Instagram, but that may slow down as I get more settled in my eating. I’d like to be back under 200 pounds for my birthday in the middle of July.

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