Some Ruts are Grooves… and it is a Challenge when they END

Oh boy – my true north has always been moderate exercise. As Dr Sayeed Ikramuddin told me “you will rarely find a WLS patient who has totally fallen off the tracks if they have a regular exercise program”

That doesn’t mean “I go when I can” or “When the weather is nice, I…” or “I don’t go if I can’t get a full hour in” It means that the person can look you in the eye, and say “I exercise – if not with my regular plan, then with some other way!”

Well, for me Plan A has been the Front Training Room in SLC for over 2.5 years. It has been the best place and the best coaching ever, ever, ever! I used to try to do my own plan, and spend reasonable effort – but never really made progress, and kept the stale routine for months on end. With the FTR, I didn’t have the hassle of personal trainer appointments, but a custom plan made new every 6 or 8 weeks, regular progress checks, coaches who were in the gym several hours a day for form checks, advice, … Read More