That Time I Talked about Social Media

The internet is a powerful, powerful place.  It’s here that someone can share their first pictures of a new baby with hundreds (and even millions) of people at a time, and where we can find the perfect recipe for what to bring to easter dinner in just a matter of seconds.  Gosh, what did we do before the internet and social media?

On one hand, we may have judged less, we spoke to each other more, and we definitely spent much less time staring at our phones.  On the other, we may have easily lost touch with our college roommate (hey, Shan!), had trouble keeping up with the family thousands of miles away, and actually, I wouldn’t have had an opportunity to connect with all of you.  As you can see, I have mixed feelings on what social media brings into my life and truly the good outweighs the bad.

Confession: I edit the heck out of my social media.

Content Editing for Self-Preservation

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