Exercise A lot

by Barbara Berkeley, MD

This post is not for everyone.  It is for those of you who are fully capable of exercising or of regaining your ability exercise strenuously.   If you fit this description or think you might, read on.

There is as much confusing information about how much to exercise as there is about how many grams of sugar, fat and protein one should consume every day.   Let me make it simple:  where exercise is concerned there is just one prescription:  exercise a lot.

If I were to look at the single thing that has changed my life over the past 30 years it would easily be my discovery of “aerobics” way back when.   I was lucky.   A completely sedentary person, I just happened to be passing an aerobics studio on a busy street in White Plains, New York when I heard shouting and music.  I looked up and saw a bunch of women having what looked like a dance party through an upstairs window.  The whole building … Read More