Amazon deals and promos

Since I’m an Amazon affiliate, I get emails about deals and promotions from Amazon about once a month, and I thought I’d start sharing them with you in case you see a deal that might be useful to you.

This month’s deal is of course, all about Valentine’s Day, and if you have a Special Someone in your life, or even if that Special Someone is your pet or your best friend, there are lots of different items you can give to show your appreciation, or you can appreciate yourself and buy something just for YOU.┬áHere is a link to the Valentine’s Shop but if you don’t have time to look through them all, here are some highlights (and a few of my personal faves)! Click on the pics for more information.

No boyfriend of your own? No problem, just drop this little guy in water and he’ll grow to SIX TIMES his size! I don’t know if that means your new boyfriend will be taller than you or only as tall as your 2 year old nephew, but eithe… Read More