Finally… A Weight Loss Plan that Works!

I overheard a revealing father-to-son comment while eating out. A family of 3 was seated at the table right next to me. Sadly, both parents were overweight by 40+ pounds, as was the 20 year old son. The father, speaking wisdom, commented, “Son, be very careful to protect your health, or you will end up with problems. Look at me…”

“…I’ve just got to lose 40 pounds!”

Their family weight problem was apparent, as was the complete absence of an effective plan. Everyone knows that losing weight and keeping it off long term can be difficult. But gaining weight is easy!

Consider these 3 weight gain facts in America:

Fact #1) No one wants to be overweight, yet it is epidemic ( more than 2/3 of Americans)!
An ever-smaller minority of Americans are normal weight, fewer than 1 in 3. Why so? Aren’t Americans among the most clever and knowledgeable people who have ever live… Read More