I had “The Sleeve” Weight Loss Surgery — and I’m so happy!


I’m excited to share that I’m exactly two weeks out from having “the sleeve”, which is a type of weight loss surgery called “vertical sleeve gastrectomy”. It’s called “the sleeve” because the stomach is reduced from the size of a pineapple to a banana, in a “sleeve” shape (think long shirt sleeve). Yeah yeah, it’s a weird name because there’s no actual sleeve or anything that goes on the stomach, but apparently surgeons are not copywriters (and that’s ok — I’d rather them know how to rearrange my guts than give something a cute name).



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Made it through! Now I walk walk walk the halls to get this gas out of my tummy. Sore in the belly and tired (and dry mouth) but otherwise feeling good. #vsg #doublechindiary #bariatric #vsgpostop #vsgcommunity

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