So, your daughter wants to play Club Volleyball…

My 18 year old daughter just ended her last Club Volleyball season yesterday with a win, playing one of her best games. I am so proud of her! I was reflecting on the last 3 years with our club team and thought “I have a lot of advice for anyone who is just getting into this whole Club scene”. So here are some things that I wish I had known when my daughter wanted to join a Club Volleyball team:

Yes, the cost is exorbitant. And totally worth it. I resisted the idea of club volleyball for my daughter because it just seemed like a ridiculous amount of money to spend. It was her school coach who finally talked me into letting her try out her sophomore year and fortunately for us, a brand new club was forming right in our home town and since it was brand new, it was going to be a little less expensive than some other well-known clubs in the larger city nearby. I let her try out, she made the team, and the sudden change in her attitude was worth all the cheddar in the wo… Read More