More Pictures From My All-Too-Brief Visit to Salt Lake City

There was a professional photographer at the OutClimb Cancer Challenge that I competed in last weekend, so this post starts with his pictures!

The race involved exiting the lobby, onto the sidewalk, in order to re-enter the building to start each climb, and the photographer was perched for much of the race just outside the stairwell door. So these pictures were taken seconds before I climbed a 24-story building.

You can read all about the race by clicking here. I’ve said so much about it already, I don’t really want to repeat myself!

I’m not sure when, during the 6-hour race, these were taken, but I’m wearing my first set of race clothes in all of them, so it’s gotta be in the first three hours, before I changed.

Getting sweatier!

I didn’t mention in my race recap that it was often drizzling during the race, and it even snowed for maybe 20 or 30 minutes. The rain actually felt good… Read More