Stress affecting Youth

Health Related Concerns Associated with Stress
Many people think about how stress can be dangerous for human health. Well, it can be dangerous for our overall health in a number of ways; two of the most common problems that target a person due to stress are Anxiety and Depression. There are times when stress proves to be a good thing for us and this is when it gets us up for competition. However, at other times when stress is too much it can lead to withdrawal or fear where anxiety and depression result in. Well, everyone is different from each other therefore some stress cases can be mild while some can turn out to be severe.
Sometimes you might get a flight or fight feeling due to being over stressed and this in result shows physical symptoms as well. Sleeplessness, a lot of sweating, increased adrenaline, and dry mouths are the most common and instant symptoms of being stressed out but stress can easily get worse than this.

Image courtesy of: Tricia Wang 王圣捷

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