Eating Green Vegetables – The Brighter Side

Eating Green Vegetables – The Brighter Side  are the best for  a healthy Life ???



Life has become very tough and busy nowadays. The current economic situation pushes people to work endlessly so that they can earn enough money to cover up their never-ending expenses. This causes stress from which people desperately want to get free. When a person is undergoing stress, he suffers from ill health and hence, increases the chances of getting harmful disorders that can even lead to death. Moreover, when we eat heavy meals, harmful drinks our body slows down, we get signs of aging faster, and our body is filled with lots of toxics that disturb every system in it.
Every day, you have to deal with numerous tasks. For this reason, you need a lot of energy and if you do not have it then you will fail to accomplish those tasks. The best source to gain this energy is to east fruits and vegetables daily. Just make it a part of your daily diet and you will feel the difference in your energy levels. You can either eat them raw or combine their juices together and drink.

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Vegetables especially the green vegetables are very important to keep human beings healthy. Green vegetables have this color because they have a substance called chlorophyll inside them. Chlorophyll is present in all types of plants because it is the most essential part of them. In plants, this substance helps to capture sunlight and prepare the ‘food’ along with carbon dioxide and water. In human bodies, chlorophyll helps in the formation of hemoglobin that makes blood and transports oxygen in all parts of our body. Besides that, green vegetables are rich with vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants. The vitamins and minerals help in fighting against various diseases, the fiber helps in the better digestion of food and avert constipation and the antioxidants neutralize our body from acidic condition to alkaline condition.


The greener a vegetable is the more chlorophyll it contains. If you cook them then they will lose all of their beneficial enzymes and water-soluble substances, hence, it is better if you eat them raw. However, there are some green vegetable like celery, spinach, broccoli etc that taste bitter and you cannot eat them raw. They will taste great when you will combine their juice with your favorite fruit or vegetable juice. There will be no side effects of these natural drinks and you will feel younger and fresher whenever you will consume them.

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