Choose a Mug That Makes Your Business Look Professional

It would be nice to have a coffee mug for your company that you really want. One with good quality and purpose. One with a good focus on the company’s brand and standards. Well, its your company and you built it. It can be made in anyway you choose. You could make funny coffee mugs to get people to be energetic and enthusiastic. You could make very plain and business related coffee mugs to get people to focus on the work tasks. Try a motivational coffee mug to fit a slogan you want your co-workers to follow. The style you choose to make your coffee mug is in your hands. Here are a few ideas from us to help you choose a coffee type to make your company look good or look strange in a good way.

The Simple Coffee Mug

Yes, go get the simple coffee cup with a your company brand. Get a simple color for the cup like blue, white, black, brown, or green. It will look nice in your personal office. Everyone will know what the company name looks like and know about the company. Your com… Read More


Everything They Know About Obesity is Wrong—But I Knew Better

Commentary on the viral Huffington Post article about obesity and fat shaming in health care, and why fat-shaming doesn’t work.

The post Everything They Know About Obesity is Wrong—But I Knew Better appeared first on A Black Girl's Guide To Weight Loss | Weight Loss Blog.

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Cinnamon Sugar Banana Muffins

I know what you’re thinking…

This girl shares a LOT of banana recipes!

Okay, I’ll admit, I do share a lot of banana recipes. But when you have a family of five, four of them being males, you tend to go through a LOT of bananas! Therefore, I always have brown bananas at the end of the week, hence, all of the banana recipes

There are so many things you can make with bananas.

This time, I was looking for something a little bit different.

I remember being a kid and loving cinnamon toast. Heck, I still love it today, and so do my kids! So I thought, why not add a cinnamon topping to some basic banana muffins.

As it turns out, this was a fantastic idea.

These muffins are:

Extremely easy to make.
Very moist
Make the perfect snack for you and your kids…or husband, or friend, or anyone in your life!

I really hope you’ll give these a try! Don’t let those brown bananas go to waste!!</… Read More


The Holiday Season

Thanksgiving has come and gone and we have now entered the holiday season. It’s a wonderful time of year where we all get to celebrate and spend time with our family and loved ones. It’s also a time to reflect on the past year and see how far we’ve come in terms of achieving any personal goals.

At Dr. Feiz & Associates, we understand that when it comes to our weight loss goals, keeping track of our progress throughout the year can be a challenge. Moreover, we know that it is especially challenging during the holiday season when we are tempted to stray from our healthy eating habits with holiday treats.

While this may be a time to celebrate and let loose a little, keeping our healthy eating habits in line should remain a priority. Taking some extra time to reflect on our habits can really help us with our weight loss goals in the long run.

Luckily, we not only offer our patients with cutting-edge bariatric surgery procedures, such as a sleeve gastrec… Read More


Dr. Marina Kurian in the news!

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FDA Approval of ReShape Dual Balloon Marks

Significant Step for the Weight Loss Program in Helping at Risk Group of Patients

Obesity is on the rise and is a worldwide epidemic. A recent Lancet study noted that the chance of an obese person becoming normal weight is less than .5%.  Currently in the United States, the obese population outnumbers the overweight population. Bariatric surgery helps patients with severe obesity in terms of weight loss, reduction in severity and number of comorbid conditions. This week the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the ReShape Integrated Dual Balloon System (ReShape Dual Balloon) to treat obesity without the need for invasive surgery.

“There are… Read More


Weekly challenge: Mindful eating





Over in our Facebook group, we have
have been posting weekly challenges.
This week our challenge is again going to be a habit.


What I want to do this week, at
least once every day when you’re eating
something, is to close your eyes and mentally
describe to yourself what you’re eating.

Describe the texture. Describe the taste.
Describe how long it lasts.


This is called mindful eating. When we pay
attention to what we’re eating, when
we’re mindful of what we’re eating, we’re
able to separate emotional eating from
rational eating.


You’re aware of what you’re eating.
You are much more likely to
make proper food choices and much less
likely to eat high-calorie foods that
just don’t even give you that much
enjoyment, but which you eat for some
emotional reason.

So watch the video as I start off with … Read More


Never Judge a Book by Its Cover: People Magazine and Emotionally Healing

2018 is already leaps and bounds better than 2017. I feel very good about this year ahead.

Yesterday I worked out and meal prepped so going into today, I felt strong.

And today was a good day emotionally. As we build From Fat to Finish Line (the company), we’ve struggled financially. I AM NOT COMPLAINING. I made the decision to dedicate myself to FFTFL because I believe in it. But sometimes it’s tough. We are trying to survive on just my husband’s salary and he doesn’t make much. We are backed up in debt and have really had to downsize and adjust how we spend and live. Some days the financial burden causes a lot of stress and angst around the household and I’m pretty sure that stress didn’t help my depression / overeating and alcohol haze of 2017.

While all of us behind the scenes believe in what we are doing 100% – we’re still not generating money to pay ourselves salaries. We’ve all made sacrifices for this passion of ours and the people in our tribe … Read More


Week 1 (v. 243.1.1): Happy Labor Day!

It sounds stupid, but one of the many reasons I fall off the wagon is because I don’t have time to weigh in, take measurements, and progress pictures on Monday mornings before work. Weighing in is easy and I usually do that, but I don’t feel complete without the measurements and pictures too. Sure, I could do those when I got home from work, but then I wouldn’t be able to use it as an excuse to give up. Today was a holiday, so I had time for all of that, plus a chance to work out early to free up my evening.

Thus begins a new series of weekly weigh-ins. I will post progress pictures and measurements every four weeks.

Total Loss

Week 1
1.6 lbs

Diet & Exercise:
Still doing Weight Watchers of course, thought it wouldn’t be a stretch for me to bounce around between WW, paleo, IIFYM, and keto in a matter of days.

WP Used: 2 of 49
AP Used: 33 of 33 (I swap APs first)
Weekly Fitbit Steps: 77,014… Read More


Sleeve Gastrectomy popularity growth.

The Sleeve Gastrectomy operation is now the most popular Bariatric surgical procedure in the United States.

The Sleeve Gastrectomy operation is the newest surgical procedure for weight loss being performed today.  Visit here to learn more. This procedure is performed laparoscopically with a minimally-invasive surgical technique and involves removing approximately 80% of the stomach. This, in effect, creates a smaller, more tubular stomach or “sleeve” which allows for excellent hunger and portion control. We now have excellent, longer-term data from a recent 5 year study showing 60-80% weight loss, which is essentially the same as the results seen with the more invasive gastric bypass procedure. There is no bypass of the small intestine with this procedure making it essentially as safe as the Lap Band Procedure. There are no adjustments needed and the office follow-up regimen is not as intensive. Dr. Minkin has now performed over 3000 Sleeve Gastrectomy operations. Most … Read More