Let’s Get Ready to Bundle!

Good morning!  This post is going to be short and sweet – like me!

The internet is spotty on the train this morning and I kept getting kicked off and even though I am saving my drafts, I’ve had to start over.

I just wanted to mention that Safe + Fair is offering bundles now for back to school or off to school!  You can still use my discount code too – which is a huge steal (I literally just typed steel!) and a great way to try a variety of products at once.

My favorites still include the blueberry cinnamon granola, chocolate granola, Abby’s Cookies, Remy Graham’s and I’ve been loving using the red velvet brownie mix from everything from red velvet pancakes to nice cream.

Friday I’ll be posting a chocolate biscotti recipe using the chocolate brownie mix and chocolate granola – swoon!

In case you’ve missed any of my Safe + Fair recipes, I have a whole category – just click here to… Read More


Monday Mix Tape – Holiday Leftovers edition!

Happy December blog readers! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday and it’s been pretty monumental in my journey. I ran across this blog post from 2011 when looking for a photo and I’m really glad I did because it set the tone for my most grateful Thanksgiving ever. It’s short but if you don’t want to read it the part that really hit me the most was
Yesterday started with cheering on a friend in the Thanksgiving half marathon and it was really inspiring. There are so many fit people in this town and I’ve always had this burning desire to be one of them…. Looking back on that I TRULY was inspired because the following year I did the 5k.
Seeing this picture is always strange. I look like I’m trapped in someone elses body and that’s how I felt! I was horrified when I got these photos and even more horrified when I had gained weight after. If I had a last straw that was it and shortly after that decided to have the sur… Read More


Diabetes incidence plateaus at 8.2% of American adults

A recent article in Medpage Today highlights a study showing the incidence of diabetes (both type 1 and 2 combined) has plateaued. The study, published in the journal BMJ Open Diabetes Research & Care, showed a significant increase in the prevalence of diabetes from 4.4% in 1990 to 8.2% in 2009. However, the trend the hit a plateau, staying at 8.2% in 2017.

BMJ Open Diabetes Research & Care: New directions in incidence and prevalence of diagnosed diabetes in the USA

Why has this happened?

The study was not designed to answer this question, but the authors hypothesize it is due to “changing awareness, detection and diagnostic practices.”

Anything that reduces the rising tide of diabetes is a reason for celebration. But this doesn’t mean we can declare victory and move on. Simply slowing the rise should not be the goal. The goal should be reducing the prevalence back to the 1990 level of 4.4% or even lower!

At Diet Doctor, we w… Read More


How to Get Major Weight Loss and Super Health

You can have an amazing Weight Loss Transformation Story Too!
If you thought you had too far to go to lose major body fat and body weight, think again! 
DeeDee lost over 250 pounds using my training and nutrition methods!
You can listen to the major points of my interview at the following time intervals:

Dee Dee C. lost over 250 pounds in 2 years!
Dee Dee was on medication for diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and was about to undergo kidney dialysis. Today, after changing her lifestyle and losing OVER 250 POUNDS, she is prescription-drug free!
Major Interview Points:
0:01 – 1:19 Mark’s background and fitness journey
1:20 – 2:45 How Mark gained 40 pounds
3:00 – 5:00 Mark’s health problems related to weight gain
5;01 – 7:25 How DeeDee reversed serious health problems
7:26 – 8:45 How DeeDee lost over 250 pounds using Mark’s training methods!
8:46 – 9:35 How DeeDee stopped binge eating … Read More


Arizona College & Career Ready Standards ( aka Common Core)

I had the opportunity to listen to on of the valley’s District Superintendents speak about the Arizona College and Career Ready Standards this evening. It was enlightening, and yet very disheartening. I attended the meeting to gain better perspective on the pro’s and con’s of this change in standards, and instead, I got to see a Ph.D. act as a federal cheerleader. All I heard was an endorsement for what Common Core is supposed to accomplish, a plug for “all-day” pre-K and Kindergarten, and a video of Arizona educators praising standards that have never been tested.
This is a topic fraught with political and ethical overtones and those came across loud and clear from this Superintendent. I recognize that standards are essential. I also recognize that we must come up with methods to quantifiably asses learning, however, standards based education has ruined the way we teach and learn. This has been well demonstrated over the last 10 years. Just “raising the bar” on the standard… Read More


Being Grateful…

We’ve been traveling for the last 12 days. In the midst of what felt like a never ending winter (when the plane left Halifax there was still at least 3 feet of snow on the ground), we headed for the west coast and have been firmly planted in your typical Northwest environment (think […]… Read More


From Fat to Finish Line Documentary Film Nears Finish Line!

Who would’ve thunk all those years ago when I first made the incredulous, ridiculous decision to “start running” that the journey would’ve led me here.

I’ve had ups and downs. The scale has been kind and evil. Through the years I’ve had set-backs, injuries, weight gain, and fall-downs. I’ve also experienced victories, incredible moments, experiences, inspiration, motivation and have gained friends for life.

It took me a long time to say the words, “I am a runner.” And now I get to say, “I am a runner… in a movie!”

And this weekend you can own the film via iTunes for only $6.99!  GET IT HERE

You can view the trailer at iTunes too!
From Fat to Finish Line documents the journey of 12 formerly obese people who all lost about 100 pounds each through running. The 12 come from all over the country and team up to run a challenging 200 mile Ragnar Relay Race to celebrate their success and test their limits.
I’m so proud that thi… Read More


Changes to the Diet Doctor soy policy

We recently made some changes to our position on soy in our food policy. We’d like to explain those changes and clarify why we made them.

Previously, we recommended that soy should be limited due to uncertainties about its effects on health. This was based on animal and test-tube studies (very weak evidence) suggesting potential harm. However, after doing a thorough review of the most recent and highest-quality human research, it seems that for most people, soy has neutral — and in some cases possibly beneficial — health effects (references here). One caveat is that people with hypothyroidism may need closer monitoring if they eat soy regularly.

At Diet Doctor, our mission is to empower people everywhere to dramatically improve their health, by making low carb simple. To this end, we base our positions on controversial issues on the strongest, most rigorous research available. We know our members and readers depend on us to provide trustworthy, reliable info… Read More


Tom's Mom's Lean Ground Beef And Sweet Potatoes Crockpot

Beef and sweet potato stews are popular and frequently found in slow cooker recipe books, but this is a bit different – it’s more casserole than stew, and it’s an original – the originator was my mom! This has been in our family cookbook for years, I simply made one adjustment to make it even more Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle-friendly…… Read More


A Victorious Week!

Wondering why I’m cheesing & sweating like the happiest girl in the world in this pic? 
Because last Friday I ran my first consecutive mile EVER. And when I say ever, I actually mean ever! In elementary school I was the kid the P.E. teacher hated because I would rally up a group of students who wouldn’t mind walking the whole thing with me and clocking a time of a 21 minute mile. 

Throughout my entire adult life I had just resolved that running a mile was something I would just never be able to do. Proving that lie wrong was an AMAZING feeling. And not only did I prove it wrong but I did one better, I actually ran about 1.5 miles without stopping! Running a mile has been a fitness goal of mine ever since I began this weight loss journey 3 years ago & to finally have achieved it feels amazing. 

That being said, my celebrating time is slightly shorter-lived than I’d like it to be as that 1.5 miles needs to turn into 3.1 mi… Read More